Azure Cloud Secuirty

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Azure cloud security training equips individuals and organizations with the essential knowledge and skills to safeguard their data and applications hosted on the Azure cloud platform. Covering a range of topics including identity and access management, network security, data encryption, and threat detection, this training empowers participants to implement robust security measures and comply with industry regulations. Through hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios, learners gain proficiency in utilizing Azure’s security tools and services to proactively defend against cyber threats and mitigate risks effectively. Whether for IT professionals seeking to enhance their expertise or businesses aiming to fortify their cloud infrastructure, Azure cloud security training serves as a crucial foundation for building a secure and resilient digital environment.

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Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Azure Cloud Security

  • Overview of Azure Cloud Security
  • Importance of Cloud Security
  • Shared Responsibility Model
  • Azure Compliance and Certification

Module 2: Azure Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Module 3: Azure Networking Security

Module 4: Azure Virtual Machines (VM) Security

Module 5: Data Security in Azure

Module 6: Monitoring and Logging in Azure

Module 7: Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Security

Module 8: Azure DevOps Security

Module 9: Azure Governance and Compliance

Module 10: Incident Response and Recovery in Azure

Module 11: Practical Labs and HandsOn Exercises

Module 12: Case Studies and Best Practices

Capstone Project 1: Secure Cloud Migration
Objective: Plan and execute the migration of an onpremises application to Azure, ensuring that security is a top priority throughout the migration process. - Tasks: - Assess the existing onpremises environment for security vulnerabilities. - Design a secure Azure architecture that aligns with best practices. - Implement Identity and Access Management (IAM) controls. - Configure network security and implement encryption for data in transit and at rest. - Utilize Azure Security Center for continuous monitoring during and after migration. - Document and present the secure migration strategy.

Capstone Project 2: Containerized Application Security with AKS
Objective: Secure a containerized application deployed on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), emphasizing best practices for container security. - Tasks: - Containerize a sample application and push it to Azure Container Registry. - Deploy the containerized application on AKS. - Implement Azure RBAC and Azure AD for AKS. - Configure AKS networking and security policies. - Implement Azure Policy for AKS security. - Set up continuous monitoring and logging for the AKS environment. - Document and present the containerized application security measures.

Capstone Project 3: DevSecOps Implementation with Azure DevOps
Objective: Integrate security practices into the development and deployment pipeline using Azure DevOps, emphasizing the principles of DevSecOps. - Tasks: - Set up a CI/CD pipeline in Azure DevOps for a sample application. - Integrate security scans and tests into the CI/CD pipeline. - Implement Azure Key Vault for secure storage of sensitive information. - Configure RoleBased Access Control (RBAC) in Azure DevOps. - Implement Azure Policy for DevOps security compliance. - Monitor the pipeline for security events using Azure Sentinel. - Document and present the DevSecOps implementation.

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